Jiangnan Mintage Museum and the Headquarter of Kingjee Group

PrizeWinner in Interior Design / Workplaces
Firm LocationNanjing, China
CompanyFan Architectural Firm (FANAF)
Lead ArchitectWan junjie,Jin Xin
Design TeamZhang Zhendong,Zhang Xu,Li Chonghao,Gao lu
ClientNanjing Golden Pedestal Corporation

The project has its precursors as Jiangnan Central Bureau of Silver & Copper The area of office space is about 390 sqm. Throughout the renovation, FANAF Architects kept the space’s existing historic atmosphere basically intact and sought to highlight the historic-cultural feel by the mediation of spatial element-scales, dimensions and contrast. the project provides high-quality spaces of various dimensions, atmosphere and functions, highly presents the tectonics of the “Brick Arch Crane Girders”, and manifests an industrial heritage with a unique value in Nanjing.