[BLVD International - Nanning Tus Park - COVER IMG] BLVD International

Nanning Tus Park

PrizeWinner in Landscape Architecture / Urban Planning
Firm LocationShenzhen, China
CompanyBLVD International
Lead ArchitectYun Du
Design TeamDeliang Liu, Shaobin Huang, Xiaoxia Yu
ClientGuangxi Tus-Holdings Co., Ltd.

After studying the relationship between openness and privacy in the project from both two-dimensional and three-dimensional perspectives, the designers proposed the concept of “yard + aisle”. The scattered dot layout ensures the openness of the Tus Park while guaranteeing the independence and privacy of each functional zone with enclosed courtyard. At the same time, the central axis of the landscape is designed to connect the individual units through sky corridors, vertically enriching and more closely connecting the landscape in the park to the aim of creating China's top eco-tech city.