Rambling Plank Road At The Treetop Of Western Slopes Of Bailuyuan XiAn

PrizeWinner in Landscape Architecture / Large Scale Landscape Projects
Firm LocationShanghai, China
Lead ArchitectSonghao ZHANG
Design TeamChong SUN/Huiyuan WANG/Yafeng HOU/Weihu REN/Jia LIU/Yue WANG

This project aims to re-revitalize the rich historical features, re-bear the people's expectations and shape of historical memory. Besides, it breaks the narrow scope of landscape design and regenerates the context space by means of a compound design language. Architects are trying to connect historical cultural resources, human resources, and the ecological environment through a path of the context to realize full release. It interprets the concept for restoration of the historical context of a piece of land, cultural memory of the regional image, regional economic integration and symbiosis.