Edith Green Wendell Wyatt Federal Building

PrizeWinner in Landscape Architecture / Public
Firm LocationPortland, United States
Lead ArchitectMauricio Villarreal/Charles Brucker
Design TeamDesign Architect: Cutler Anderson Architects, Architect of Record: SERA Architects
ClientGeneral Services Administration

The Edith Green Wendell Wyatt Federal Building is the renovation of a 1975 building and the embodiment of the highest standards of environmental design excellence. A facade of “reeds” designed to reduce thermal loads provides the framework for a tapestry of vines bringing shade and added diversity of natural habitat. With 82% of the site planted with over 40 species, year-round foliage brings a park-like character for people to enjoy. Annually, 626,544 gallons of rainwater is collected and reused, EGWW was named one of the ten most sustainable projects in the United States.