[Seferian Design Group - Cayuga Grand Vista Trail - COVER IMG] Cayuga Grand Vista Trail Bridge, September 2018, Cayuga, ON.

Cayuga Grand Vista Trail

PrizeWinner in Landscape Architecture / Public
Firm LocationBurlington, Canada
Project locationCayuga, ON
CompanySeferian Design Group
Lead ArchitectBrad Smith
Design TeamSarah Lynn Saari
ClientHaldimand County

The goal of the Cayuga Grand Vista Trail is to connect people with the Cayuga community, highlighting the uniqueness of the natural landscape and creating connections with the area’s heritage. The 1.2km trail connects the east and west sides of Cayuga, forming a scenic loop from the Cayuga courthouse to King George St. and Maple Rd. and back to the courthouse via Talbot St. E. and Munsee St. N. The heart of the trail is the reclaimed CN rail bridge, a 300m span over the Grand River that offers sweeping views of the water, woodlands and cultural landmarks like the old Cayuga water tower.