[Cliff Garten Studio - I AM A MAN Plaza - COVER IMG] I AM A MAN Plaza is a place for everyone, open and egalitarian in its structure. The linked sculptures invite discussion of the Civil Rights era in America through the defining moment of the Sanitation Workers Strike of 1968. Photo Credit Jeremy Green.

I AM A MAN Plaza

PrizeWinner in Landscape Architecture / Public
Firm LocationVenice, United States
CompanyCliff Garten Studio
Lead ArchitectCliff Garten
Design TeamSteve Fox and Troy L. Wiggins; Lauren Kennedy of UrbanArt Commission; Faith Morris of The National Civil Rights Museum; Felicia Harris of City of Memphis; Dr. Cynthia Sadler of Memphis Heritage Trail; Dr. Earnestine Jenkins of University of Memphis; Precise Contracting, LLC; Allworld Project Management, LLC; Whitney Anderson Building Group, LLC; Metal Arts Foundry and Quarra Stone Company
ClientThe City of Memphis and with major contributions by the Plough Foundation

I AM A MAN Plaza is a landscape sculpture commissioned to honor the members of the pivotal 1968 Sanitation Worker’s Strike and legacy of Dr Martin Luther King, Jr. A focal point of the Civil Rights Movement, the strike brought Dr King to Memphis where he was assassinated. The Plaza rejoins this history to Clayborn Temple where the Strike originated and is now under restoration. At a time when hierarchical monuments are being removed, I AM A MAN Plaza presents sculpture, text, and landscape that come together to form a public monument that is inclusive and participatory.