Founder International Financial Center

PrizeWinner in Architectural Design / Tall Buildings
Firm LocationHong Kong, Hong Kong
Project locationWuhan, China
Design TeamLeo Liu, Keith Griffiths, Mindy Ouyang, Jiannan Liu, Yiwei Zhang, Zhongqi Li, Zhaowei Chen
ClientPKU Resources

The project is anchored by an office /serviced apartment tower with a twisting façade inspired by the soaring dragons and stretching above 240 meters. The tower design featured with twisting façade, symbolizing two dragons rising from the ground, stems from the name of Pan Long City in Wuhan which was the origin of the city around 3500 years ago. The concept of reflecting historical revival elements is well demonstrated by such geometric feature. The unique atrium structure is integrated with the form of the tower to create a visual focus and increase the commercial value and atmosphere.