Boni bonbon KIDS CAFE

PrizeWinner in Interior Design / Other Interior Design
Firm Location北京, China
CompanyZ+ Design
Lead ArchitectJinho Kang / Hanna Lim
Design TeamHufan Cai / Jie Li / Menglei Wu
ClientBoni bonbon

The design team uses white as the basic color of the space and uses white to enhance the brightness of the space. walls, lamps, windows, tables and chairs. We have a golden outline with a slight retro color to make the whole space more three-dimensional. The combination of white, gold and pink makes the overall space atmospheric and transparent. There is a semi-circular entrance door, long round door sign and guide system, round wall decoration. Space elements made up of circles can be seen everywhere - a "circle" rhythm, a smart and streamlined shape which lets the space flow.