[Desai Chia Architecture - Montauk House - COVER IMG] South Elevation at Dusk | Paul Warchol, Photographer

Montauk House

PrizeWinner in Interior Design / Residential
Firm LocationNew York, United States
CompanyDesai Chia Architecture
Lead ArchitectKatherine Chia & Arjun Desai
Design TeamStructural Engineer: Murray Engineering | Civil Engineer: Saskas Engineering | Lighting: Christine Sciulli Light + Design | Landscape: Summerhill Landscapes | Contractor: Aran Inc.
ClientJon Yellen

The house was designed to promote family interaction, with easy flow between indoor and outdoor activities and clear sightlines across large sections of the home. Three terraces allow family activities to spill out to the outdoors. One is a "garden" terrace that connects the family room to the landscape. A second "reading" terrace is shared by the parents' studies. The third, "breezeway" terrace spans the living/dining areas & kitchen. Covered by a cantilevered roof, it allows the family to live and dine outside, essentially doubling the size of the living/dining areas in the summer.