Lingxiu Mountain Living Art Museum

PrizeWinner in Architectural Design / Commercial Architecture
Firm LocationShanghai, China
Project locationZhongshan, China
CompanyShanghai HYP-ARCH Architectural Design Consultant Co.,Ltd.
Lead ArchitectDesign Director: Haitao Hu;
Design Team Design Principal : Qi Yang; Design team: Huawei Han, Yan Li, Yimeng Ma, Yuehui Zhou, Chengli Xiong, Dongge Xun, Lingyu Zhang
ClientPoly Developments and Holdings, Sino-Ocean

The context of Leader Mountain Art Museum is endowed with a broad field of view and unique natural sights. The architects mixed the design concept of “the container of life” by injecting stylish and classically elegant neo-Chinese styles to create a natural living environment for urban elites, with minimal environmental interference. It features simple and graceful design features, such as U-shaped glass, to make the entire building look like a crystal glass box, which delivers a quiet yet mysterious ambience, as the light varies from moment to moment.