Audience at the “Old Theatre”

Xiamen Old Theatre Cultural Park

PrizeWinner in Landscape Architecture / Public
Firm LocationXiamen, China
CompanyXiamen Urban Environment Design&Engeeing Co., Ltd
Lead ArchitectYiming Min
Design TeamZhang Ye ,Zhang Xiaoqian ,Dai Lijuan ,Huang Xiaobin ,Liao Zaozhang ,Lu Shulin,Zhan Shengqian ,Lei Xiaoxia ,Li lin

In the historical memory of modern China, film, as a special medium, provides us with a special window for viewing the individual and the public. Lujiang Old Theatre Park is a project that attempts to understand the relationship between personal memories and public memories. The project enriches people’s perception and experience by expanding the scale of time and space, which not only reproduces the elements of the old theater, but also promotes people’s communication and continues the spiritual inheritance of the site.