[Mei architects and planners - Fenix I - COVER IMG] Fenix I at the Rijnhaven quay. The programming of various companies on the quay gives the building an active base and enhances the vibrant and public character of the quayside. © Ossip van Duivenbode

Fenix I

Firm LocationRotterdam, Netherlands
CompanyMei architects and planners
Lead ArchitectMieke Winkel
Design TeamRobert Winkel, Robert Platje, Michiel van Loon
ClientHeijmans Vastgoed

With 45000m2 of mixed-use space and a unique steel structure built through the existing monumental warehouse, Rotterdam gained a bold and iconic building: Fenix I. The original Fenix warehouse (1922) has been preserved and redeveloped for mixed use, including an extensive culture cluster. The new residential volume on top of the warehouse comprises 214 lofts with a high degree of flexibility in size and lay-out. Only a few months after completion, Fenix I shows to contribute to social interaction and solidarity of the neighbourhood and to be the home to an inclusive and caring community.