Lansingerland-Zoetermeer Station

Firm LocationAmsterdam, Netherlands
CompanyTeam V Architecture / Arcadis Architects
Lead ArchitectJeroen van Schooten (Team V Architecture), Beate Vlaanderen (Arcadis Architects)
Design TeamTeam V Architecture, Arcadis Architects: Jeroen van Schooten, Beate Vlaanderen, Do Janne Vermeulen, Roline den Hartog, Fleur Kay, Wilco van den Hoorn, Joeri Apontoweil, Janneke Koppendraaier, Tom Kramer, Martijn Bomhof, Jeroen Sikkenk, René Weerheim
ClientMunicipality of Zoetermeer on behalf of the Rotterdam The Hague Metropolitan Area (MRDH), Bleizo (Municipalities of Zoetermeer and Lansingerland) and ProRail (Zoetermeer)

The new Lansingerland-Zoetermeer Station in the Netherlands is a future-proof, sustainable and green transport hub. By anticipating the future mobility issue early on during the design process, the design has been created with a maximum flexibility in terms of growth opportunities. The main concept of the station is the creation of a green urban space at height, a park-like avenue above the Utrecht-The Hague railway line and the A12 motorway. The station forms the heart of an intersection of railway lines, bus routes, light rail, bike lanes, and motorway.