[Shanghai Jund Architects Co., Ltd. - Qiyun Mountain Pine Hermitage Resort - COVER IMG] © Jianghe Zeng; Yijie Hu

Qiyun Mountain Pine Hermitage Resort

Firm LocationShanghai, China
Project locationAnhui, China
CompanyShanghai Jund Architects Co., Ltd.
Lead ArchitectEric Li
Design TeamArchitecture: Shuangliu Zheng; Peiqing Wang, Landscaping: Fangfang Fu; Tianteng He;Yunyun Qin

Being located at a woodland in Qiyun Mountains, Huangshan, Anhui Province, China, Pine Hermitage Resort together with a dozen tree houses, scatter in the boundless green forest, Tree house "pine Seclusion" tries to tell a new story about human and nature. This is a family themed resort suite with an area of only 25 ㎡ . It is quietly hidden in a steep slope, facing the vast mountains and the endless pines swaying in the wind, overlooking the whole valley alone.