School group René Beauverie in Vaulx-en-Velin

Firm LocationStrasbourg, France
CompanyDominique Coulon & Associés
Lead ArchitectDominique Coulon
Design TeamProject management : Dominique Coulon & associés / Architects : Dominique Coulon, Steve Letho Duclos, Jean Scherer / Assistant architects : Sarah Brebbia, Javier Gigosos, Lukas Unbekandt, Yannick Signani, Ali Ozku, Benjamin Rocchi, Margot Machin, Diego Bastos-Romero / Intern architect : Santiago Cañete
ClientCity of Vaulx-en-Velin

The building has a very unitary appearance, with the classrooms spread over a length of 40 metres as if on a bridge. It clearly asserts its status as a public facility. It has the appearance of a hollowed-out block. The various courtyards and patios bring natural light into the heart of the building, adding a gentle touch to the interior. The presence of different shades of blue provides links that are at times unexpected. The colour modifies the white areas, which eventually appear to take on colour themselves and multiple reflections give the areas a feeling of architecture in movement.