Interaction Triodos Bank and surrounding nature

Triodos Bank

Firm Location, Netherlands
Project locationDriebergen-Rijsenburg
CompanyRAU Architects
Lead ArchitectThomas RAU
Design TeamPeter Klaassen, Erik Mulder, Dennis Grootenboer, Robin Hurt, Jochem Alferink, Michael Noordam
ClientTriodos Bank

Friday 6 September 2019, Triodos Bank's new, fully sustainable and circular office was officially delivered to the bank. RAU Architects and Ex Interiors have been commissioned by Triodos Bank and developer EDGE to design a fully, reconstructabe, wooden "cathedral" that sets the tone in a circular and sustainable manner worldwide. The office is the first large-scale, 100% wood, reconstructible office building. This building also serves as the first temporary material bank, and the CO2 footprint is minimal.