Firm LocationBraga, Portugal
CompanyNuno Ferreira Capa | arquitectura e design
Lead ArchitectNuno Capa
Design TeamNuno Bessa, Catarina Rego, Helder Gonçalves, Ana Rocha
ClientDST Group

Inserted in Teresa Gonçalves Garden of the Dst Group, in Braga, Portugal, the dst Chapel rests as a place for reflection, spiritual rest and natural surrounding contemplation. The two volumes of concrete are interrupted by an incision, a free crossing, separating the divine spot from the human seat, not touching each other. Inside, both plans are inhabited in a quiet way. One by a bench for contemplation and the other by a suspended cross of Christ. At night, the beam of light, flowing through the opening and by the Uglass ends, transforms these concrete blocks into a light matter.