Richard J. Daley College - Manufacturing Technology & Engineering Center (MTEC)

Firm LocationChicago, United States
Project locationChicago, Illinois, USA
Lead ArchitectJuan Gabriel Moreno
Design TeamJGMA; CannonDesign; Public Building Commission of Chicago; Old Veteran Construction; David Mason + Associates; Terry Guen Design Associates; Aurora Lighting Design
ClientCity Colleges of Chicago

The Daley College project speaks to issues larger than architecture, it seeks to revitalize a Chicago southwest neighborhood by removing the negative stereotypes that exist in the workforce when pertaining to manufacturing careers. The project reverses the misconception through a design focused on celebrating state-of-the-art manufacturing spaces proving that careers in this industry require tech and skills as advanced as any other. In addition to that, the new building celebrates the manufacturing industry through the expression of materials such as metal panels, glass, and exposed steel.