photos: Eduard Hueber / archphoto

Maison Pour Tous

Firm LocationVILLEFONTAINE, France
CompanydesignbuildLAB / ENSAG
Lead ArchitectMarie Zawistowski
Design TeamWilliam Audin, Magda Audrerie, Roderic Archambault, Wafa Benjarmoun, Salomé Bergsma, Petronille Blondon, Matthieu Bo, Hugo Boulanger, Louis Bouret, Alice Cavallasca, Clémence Drouard, Laurence Lebel, Louise Mary, Lucas Munoz, Margaux Regalia, Louise Renault, Raphaelle Ruiz, Esméralda Tabai, Laura Tinas, Clément Venton, Héloise Viola, Linh Vu Thuy
ClientVillage of Four

The project is a group of three buildings: a multipurpose hall, technical space and storage, that are collected in a sensory landscape. To the north, a mineral plaza accommodates busy outdoor events. To the east, a raised plinth prospects over football matches. To the south, an earth mound generates terraced seating and meandering paths. Nestled among the buildings, a west-facing patio with a single bench and deciduous tree offers a quiet space to enjoy the setting sun. Within the earth walls of the hall, an open plan, modulable storage and rolling bars invite a range of community uses.