[ZJA with Heyligers design + projects - Diamond Exchange, Capital C Amsterdam - COVER IMG] Diamond Exchange, Capital C Amsterdam, Amsterdam - The Netherlands

Diamond Exchange, Capital C Amsterdam

Firm LocationAmsterdam, Netherlands
Project locationAmsterdam, the Netherlands
CompanyZJA with Heyligers design + projects
Lead ArchitectZJA with Heyligers design + projects
ClientSijthoff Media and Zadelhoff B.V.

The Diamond Exchange in Amsterdam, built in 1911, has been transformed into Capital C Amsterdam. To fully restore the original qualities of the monument, the building underwent a major renovation to be largely returned to the original Gerrit van Arkel design. The renovation included restoration of monumental features and adaptation of the interior for use as a modern, flexible office environment, besides the addition of a glass and steel dome named the High Light. The faceted diamond like form of the dome is reminiscent of the monument’s history.