DecoFloor: Revolutionary Timber-Look Aluminium Flooring


PrizeHonorable Mention in Products / Building Envelope & Construction Materials
LocationSydney, Australia
CompanyDECO Australia Pty Ltd
Lead DesignerRichard Hamber
Design TeamRoss Doonan

DecoFloor is the world-first timber-look aluminium floorboard from DECO. A fire-safe, dimensionally stable alternative to timber, DecoFloor replicates the form, feel and appearance of luxurious hardwood flooring, minus issues such as warping, rotting or termite attack. Available in a range of sublimated finishes replicating popular timber species, DecoFloor features a self-mating system and lightweight boards to facilitate easy installation. Its non-combustibility and lack of maintenance make it ideal for residential and commercial applications, including where timber floors cannot be used.