Media library and park in Pélissanne

Firm LocationStrasbourg, France
CompanyDominique Coulon & Associés
Lead ArchitectDominique Coulon
Design TeamProject management : Dominique Coulon & associés / Architects : Dominique Coulon, Jean Scherer / Assistant architects : Gautier Duthoit, David Romero-Uzeda, Javier Gigosos, Diego Bastos-Romero, Olivier Poulat, Margot Machin, Thomas Bukenmeyer, Florent Revel, Théo Petit, Yannick Signani
ClientCity of Pélissanne

The media library establishes a dialogue between two eras, two dimensions, by confronting the verticality of the volume of the house and the extension horizontality. The building is both functional and singular in its plastic expression. The extension provides large, flexible consultation areas on two floors. While the ground floor opens wide onto the park and allows the reader to immerse himself in the landscape, the first floor offers a completely different atmosphere by projecting the visitor into the branches of a majestic plane tree, whose presence is amplified by this unique building's curve.