Majimaya confectionery tool shop

Firm Location4F,higashiazabu Ss Building,2-32-10,higashiazabu,minatoku,tokyo,japan, Japan
Project location2-5-4 Nishi Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo
CompanyKAMITOPEN Co., Ltd.
Lead ArchitectMasahiro Yoshida
Design TeamYoshie Ishii

“Molds of happiness” About 170 specialty shops dealing with tableware, kitchen equipment, kitchen utensils, confectionery tools, food raw materials and packaging supplies are on the 800 meters arcade. In 1946 , Majimaya confectionery tool shop was founded by the current Saburo Yoshida. They handle tools from all over the world as a specialty shop for confection. His molds were popular all over Japan and made the happiness of making sweets for many people. Those molds is making people’s happiness. So I designed by concept that “Molds of happiness”.