Carner Barcelona Perfumery

Firm LocationBarcelona, Spain
CompanyJofre Roca arquitectes
Lead ArchitectJofre Roca
Design TeamAnna Villorroya, Monika Jokiel, Adrià Goula Sardà
ClientCarner Barcelona SL

In the center of the city and the Eixample District, on the commercial axis of Paseo de Gracia, the new corporate headquarters of Carner Barcelona is designed. A local brand of exquisite, intense and innovative perfumes in Barcelona. It is located in a building that preserves its original and typical construction elements of the Catalan architecture. The sobriety and authenticity of the designed spaces allow the values and philosophy of the brand to emerge. It is contextualized in the Mediterranean and local crafts. Likewise, the resulting homogeneous white color makes the product stand out.