[Prism Design - unbot inc. China Head Office  - COVER IMG] KATSUMI HIRABAYASHI

unbot inc. China Head Office

Firm LocationShanghai, China
CompanyPrism Design
Design Team1. Tomohiro Katsuki By Prism Design, 2. Masanori Kobayashi By Prism Design, 3. Yao Di By Prism Design, 4. Takuro Kokubun By Super Neko Architects.
Clientunbot China inc.

The concept is "Mitochondria and chloroplasts". These have their own DNA, increase by division, and have a structure of two inner and outer membranes, and mitochondria are responsible for "respiration" and chloroplasts are responsible for "photosynthesis". These presented many similarities with the characteristics of unbot. Their staff have an average age of 20-something, and frequently welcome new members. They are different individuals but have a strong sense of teamwork, built and created on unbot's DNA. Unbot is responsible for "Environment" and staff are responsible for "Creative".