[PWP Landscape Architecture - Salesforce Transit Center Park - COVER IMG] Aerial view of Salesforce Transit Center Park in San Francisco, CA.

Salesforce Transit Center Park

Firm LocationBerkeley, United States
Project locationSan Francisco, CA
CompanyPWP Landscape Architecture
Design TeamPelli Clarke Pelli Architects, Adamson Associates Architects
ClientTransbay Joint Powers Authority

The Salesforce Transit Center links 11 transit systems and includes a 5-acre rooftop park that anchors the growth of a new mixed-use neighborhood. The park is composed of curving paths that lead visitors through a series of contemplative and social settings. To create a topography that blurs the distinction between roof and ground, the park integrates mounded vegetated hills with domed architectural skylights that allow light into the terminal below. The park was designed as a multifunctional space providing respite, activity and education for transit users, office workers and local residents.