Pengcheng Laboratory Park Phase 1

PrizeHonorable Mention in Architectural Design / Commercial Architecture
Firm Location3/F, East Town Building, 41 Lockhart Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong
Project locationShenzhen, China
Company10 Design
Lead ArchitectNick Cordingley
Design TeamJason Easter, Edmond Lau, Grant Wood, Bryan Diehl, Ryan Leong, Marco Bonucci, Ken Xu, Jan Henao, Shuyu Chen, Shuo Zhang, Sylvia Li, Cat Zhang, Robert Sochanski, Yulia Karnaukhova, Zack Cai, Jason Song, Christy Li, William Li, Henry Guan, Hafsa Siddique, Sian Wong, Christie Yeung, Kevin Mok, Peter Alsterholm, Yasser Salomon, Henry Han, Adisak Yavilas, Lulu Guo
ClientBureau Public Works of Shenzhen Municipality (Developer); Pengcheng Laboratory (End-user)

The first phase of Shenzhen Pengcheng Laboratory in China will be a state-of-the-art flagship scientific research facility, incorporating a series of research spaces, with accompanying recreation, dining, sports and social facilities. The plans have been assembled to create a holistic response to the design brief and the challenging terrain of the site and its surrounding context. The design team has encompassed the client’s vision of a series of research spaces in harmony with the surrounding green landscape and has kept social interaction at the very forefront of the design work.