Firm LocationMumbai, India
CompanySanjay Puri Architects
Lead ArchitectSanjay Puri
Design TeamMs. Toral Doshi, Mr. Manjeet Khatri, Mr. Sudhir Ambasana, Ms. Dipti Patil.
ClientAditya Parakh

The gently contoured site for this hotel is situated in Nashik, India. The client's requirements included a large banquet hall of 15000 sq ft in addition to 60 rooms and other facilities. Rooms form rectilinear cuboids that are angled differently creating balconies that frame the picturesque surroundings with 2 floor high suites at the topmost levels. Painted in terracotta color stucco, these frames are juxtaposed with the black basalt stone walls of the lower floors. Aria Hotel is contextual to the site contours, orientation and material rendering it very energy efficient and sustainable.