[WZMH Architects - 17150 Yonge Street - COVER IMG] Photo by Tom Arban

17150 Yonge Street

PrizeHonorable Mention in Architectural Design / Institutional Architecture
Firm LocationToronto, Canada
Project locationNewmarket, Ontario, Canada
CompanyWZMH Architects
Lead ArchitectLen Abelman - Project Principal
Design TeamRobert Sampson – Principal; Brian Andrew – Retired Design Principal; Carl Blanchaer – Retired Design Principal; Rino Filippelli - Project Manager, Senior Associate Principal; Mohammed Al-Atheri- Principal; Han Tang- Revit Job Captain; Roland Brunner, Nicola Reid
ClientThe Regional Municipality of York

17150 Yonge Street is a new publicly accessible office building and courthouse situated in Newmarket, Ontario and designed for the Regional Municipality of York. The building is linked by a bridge to the adjacent existing Administrative Centre. The new facility is designed with H-shaped floorplates around an 8 storey atrium that provides access to daylight and views for occupants and visitors. A planted living wall within the atrium and views through a feature window orients visitors circulating within the facility. The building design is focussed on user experience and sustainability.