[ALPES Green Design & Build  - Green Peace Village Apartment - COVER IMG] Photographer: Hiroyuki Oki

Green Peace Village Apartment

Firm LocationDa Nang, Viet Nam
Project locationSơn Tra Ward, Da Nang City, Viet Nam.
CompanyALPES Green Design & Build
Lead ArchitectKhue Ho (Mr)
ClientMai Tam Nguyen Company

The design focus on breaking the mundane morphology of narrow urban houses in Vietnam. The task faced by the architects was to recreate a balance between nature, architecture, and the urban in a narrow plot with ventilation from the front, back, and top sides of the site. The form inspired by cascading rice terraces of North Vietnam symbolizes the connection between the rural and urban. This form of design also helps in opening up the streets. Unlike the typical urban buildings, the design brings a connection between the people on different levels inside this apartment.