[Fogarty Finger - 1700 Broadway Club - COVER IMG] 1700 Broadway Club/Connie Zhou

1700 Broadway Club

PrizeHonorable Mention in Interior Design / Commercial Interior
Firm LocationNew York, United States
Project locationNew York, United States
CompanyFogarty Finger
Lead ArchitectRobert Finger, AIA
Design TeamRobert Finger, AIA – Principal-in-Charge, Alexandra Cuber, AIA, LEED AP – Director, Candace Rimes – Associate Director, Brandon Maldonado – Associate, Celeste Pomputius – Designer, Taylor Fleming – Designer, Ariana Lopes-Proctor – Designer, Joseph Kim – Designer
ClientRockpoint Group

A space for lounging and meeting, 1700 Broadway’s 10,500 RSF amenity center focuses energy on a less structured experience than its surrounding offices. Weaving its way from architecture to furniture, that dissolving of rigidity draws inspiration from the mid-century era when the building was erected. The space encompasses a simple working mantra “Off the Grid” – a space for creative retreat from structures of daily life. Areas are divided less by solid walls and more by elements that could define yet remain transparent including screens, built-in furniture, and changes in material or color.