[Iconico - División del Norte - COVER IMG] Onnis Luque Photography

División del Norte

Firm LocationMexico City, Mexico
Project locationMexico City
Lead ArchitectMoritz Melchert
Design TeamDirector: Moritz Melchert / Project Manager: René Cruz/ Architects: Hugo Ramírez, Guillermo López, Jonathan Castañeda, Alberto Bautista, Andrea Trejo / Visual Arrez / Photography : Onnis Luque.tist: Daniel Juá

División del Norte is a project that exemplifies the apparently ever-growing demand for apartment buildings in Mexico City, where space is becoming extraordinarily scarce and valuable. Plots of land, which formerly seemed to be unfavorable for new construction because of their small size and unusual dimensions, have now found their destiny to accommodate new housing projects and thus complement the urban pattern of historic neighborhoods in central areas. With a front of less than 8 meters, the project needs to maximize internal areas within each apartment.