Terraced house in Shinsaikamachi / SUNNY GRACE

Firm LocationSendai & Tokyo, Japan
Project locationShinsaikamachi, Matsue, Japan
CompanyAUFTAKT LLC + Tetsuya Sekimoto Architecture
Lead ArchitectTakumi Iwasawa
Design TeamTakumi Iwasawa (AUFTAKT LLC), Tetsuya Sekimoto (Tetsuya Sekimoto Architecture)

SUNNY GRACE is a 10-unit apartment that consists of two different dwelling types. Each unit size is 30 sqm and has an individual exterior space, ground floor room, and upper floor room. The residents can choose a comfortable place to live, even in the limited circumstances. The terrace creates a space with a connection to the community and the facade provides a bright and open environment. The residents have seized the potential of the design and expanded the possibilities of the apartment, using the units not only as homes but also as small offices, shops and studios.