[Cecconi Simone Inc. - Annex Residence - COVER IMG] Annex Residence by Cecconi Simone

Annex Residence

PrizeHonorable Mention in Interior Design / Houses Interior
Firm LocationToronto, Canada
CompanyCecconi Simone Inc.
Lead ArchitectAnna Simone
Design TeamGail Krieger

With limited windows, the design challenge in this 3,000 sf suite was to integrate light throughout, while making the terrace feel like a natural extension of the interior. It would also need to showcase the homeowners’ eclectic art and accommodate their love of entertaining. The designers created an open, gallery-like space featuring clean sightlines, sculptural light fixtures and a minimalistic design that brings the outside in while keeping attention on the artwork. A monochromatic palette complements the colorful art. Glass interior walls and doors carry natural light to all corners.