Maison 826

Firm LocationBraga, Portugal
CompanyNuno Ferreira Capa | arquitectura e design
Lead ArchitectNuno Capa
Design TeamCatarina Rego, Helder Gonçalves, Nuno Bessa, Ana Rocha
ClientPedro Remy

Initially a space with layers of interventions, materials, textures. With layers removed, semi-enclosed spaces visually connected at different levels. The architectural concept came up. A hair salon, cultural spot and concept store coexisting with former fragments and a new program. A low-cost intervention. Naked concrete beams and unfinished walls. Four levels opened to each other. A suspended wood block turns up the entrance, steering to a basement level for venues and to a mid-working level. Then the fourth concept store level. A long opaque curtain defining limits and closure each space.