[Crossboundaries, Beijing - Sanlian Headquarter Offices - COVER IMG] Photos by BAI Yu and HAO Hongyi

Sanlian Headquarter Offices

PrizeHonorable Mention in Interior Design / Workplaces
Firm LocationBeijing, China
Project locationBeijing, China
CompanyCrossboundaries, Beijing
Lead ArchitectBinke Lenhardt, DONG Hao
Design Team YU Zhaoxiong, Silvia Campi, Johanna Leung, HAO Hongyi, YU Hongyu
Client Sanlian (Sanlian Shenghuo Zhoukan)

Crossboundaries’ design solution for the interior of the Sanlian magazine offices in Beijing combines the geometric logic inherited from the existing structure with the new workflow goals of the occupant. The geometric play makes the space highly functional, and lead to a holistic design that implemented triangulation not only in circulation, area division and program allocation, but also in the partitioning, lighting fixtures, and signage system. Sanlian’s new office offers the client a fresh, dynamic kick, an iconic new appearance that aligns with their work intentions.