[SfG landscape architects Inc. - The white handrail in the forest

"Bloom no kaze"-Life care center garden for local disabled children with white ribbon-

Firm LocationNagoya, Aichi, Japan
CompanySfG landscape architects Inc.
University/SchoolNagoya City
Lead ArchitectAkihiko Ono
Design TeamHitomi Matsudo/Matsudo Landscape, Ono Lab/ Nagoya City University, Mitsuo Henmi+Hiroaki Henmi/Henmi Architect Office
ClientSocial welfare company "Bloom"

The public garden for “Bloom no kaze” is public spaces to encourage communication between local people and disabled children who use the care center “Bloom no kaze”. Before this project, the place was an abandoned forest and not open to public but because of construction of the care center, the garden has been renovated as a public community garden. Multiple paths are set to walk freely between trees and also accessible for wheel chairs users.