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Elio Del Nest – The natural air-filtration residences

PrizeHonorable Mention in Landscape Architecture / Residential
Firm LocationBangkok, Thailand
Lead ArchitectPasongjit Keawdang
Design TeamNipaporn Vibulchak, Ronnachai Pinthong, Noraset Siriaphornthum, Fatif Paramal, Khemmisara Santinoranont, Pitchaya Pattanapaisal
ClientAnanda Development

Elio Del Nest a research solutions-integrated design purposely articulating buildings and natural landscapes to form an urban air-filtration scheme. Together with a Nature-mimicry concept of Urban Forest, the landscape design aims to create a micro climate with clean air and generating a healthy environment even for future generations.The nest's essential characteristics inspired the main design concept of this project to symbolize sanctuary, safety, and natural fertility. The design form reflects the dynamic movements of nature hence bringing balance to softscape and hardscape spaces.