by L&P Architects

Qujiang Creative Circle Phase 2 Super-Tall Tower

PrizeHonorable Mention in Architectural Design / High Rise Buildings
Firm LocationKwun Tong, Hong Kong
Project locationXi'An, China
CompanyL&P Architects
Lead ArchitectGang LI, Zhewei FENG
Design TeamLing CHEN, Luke BONOMELLI, Richard XU, Ding MA
ClientXi'An Vanke

“Creative Circle” Phase 2 is a mixed-use development that consists of two super-tall towers in Xi’An, China. The building height of T1 is at 247.8m, which contains class A office spaces and a 5-star hotel at the top. T2 is at 179.6m with luxury condominium units. The total GFA for this project is 221,000 m² , plot ratio 13.4. The site of “Creative Circle” Phase 1 (retail street + low-rise offices, built) and Phase 2 are connected. The goal of the Phase 2 development is to make Phase 2 as the catalyst to refresh and upgrade the entire “Creative Circle” development.