[Nong Mu Design Engineering Company - Nirvana—Releasing From The Cycle of Rebirth - COVER IMG] Top view on the second floor

Nirvana—Releasing From The Cycle of Rebirth

PrizeHonorable Mention in Interior Design / Commercial Interior
Firm LocationKaohsiung City, Taiwan
CompanyNong Mu Design Engineering Company
Lead ArchitectJoye Chuang
Design TeamCeline Liou

Nirvana means releasing from the cycle of rebirth. We hope, in the hustle and bustle, visitors can quiet their minds and enjoy the tranquility of coffee time. Latte art is the inspiration of this project. The pattern of latte art created by the barista just like the Chinese ink painting which can be seen a lot in the project. Used both natural and artificial materials sush as dried and dead tree, stones and handmade clouds on the ceiling to form a harmonious space that becomes the carrier of accommoadating the crowd.