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PLD / Paul Liu Design Consultants


PrizeHonorable Mention in Interior Design / Hospitality
Firm LocationHongkong, Hong Kong
CompanyPLD/ Paul Liu Design Consultants (HK) Co., Ltd
Lead ArchitectBO LIU & HANK XIA

Located in Shanghai’s seaside district Fengxian, this new urban oasis hotel offers warm and welcoming luxury with enriching experiences for the body and mind in Hangzhou Bay. The hotel features 265 exquisite rooms 1,800 sq ㎡ meeting space area, 900 sq ㎡grand banquet hall with three distinctive restaurants and a bar JW Garden, All-day dining outlet JW Kitchen, Chinese restaurant Yan Xuan and speciality Shanghai Crab & Co. The hotel's style narrative is inspired by its natural surroundings. The sense of creativity is carried throughout the experience,unveiling layer after layer.