[Guo Guang Yi Ye Design Group - Mirror Tree - COVER IMG] Mirror Tree / Kaiyu Guo, Yiyun Ye

Mirror Tree

PrizeHonorable Mention in Interior Design / Houses Interior
Firm LocationFuzhou, China
CompanyGuo Guang Yi Ye Design Group
Lead ArchitectKaiyu Guo,Yiyun Ye

During Louis XIV period, mirrors were regarded as luxury goods. The project starts with visual design trying to blend the graceful calmness of Eastern culture with the flamboyant noble of Western culture.After refinement and integration, the virtual pattern has the peaceful elegance of the East and the extraordinary luxury of the West, lightening the space with a glorious sense of order. Reflecting dazzling brilliance, the mirror is displayed as a three-dimensional pattern and furnishes the house with an elegant majesty.