Jianfa Yoyo City

PrizeHonorable Mention in Architectural Design / Mixed Use Architecture
Firm LocationKwun Tong, Hong Kong
Project locationYinchuan, China
CompanyL&P Architects
Lead ArchitectGang LI, Yifan SHEN
Design TeamJaenes BONG, Francisco SILVEIRINHA, Austin HE, Johanes Mikha Gunawan, Zerong LIN, Zhongwen GAN, Yufei LIN, David HO, Ding MA
ClientYinchuan Jianfa Group

Yoyo city project located in Yinchuan, in middle west part of China. The site located between an urban expressway and wetland park, how to deal with the relationship between the building, city and nature has become the primary question of design. Inspiring from the unique wetland character, designer makes more connection between the site and natural resource by the idea of “Urban Co-living”. We introduced natural fabric into our building design, created an overall effect on façade as some islands floating on water by applying horizontal motion wave and scattered massing overlapping on façade.