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Dali Manjiang Project

PrizeHonorable Mention in Architectural Design / Mixed Use Architecture
Firm LocationKwun Tong, Hong Kong
Project locationYinchuan, China
CompanyL&P Architects
Lead ArchitectGang LI, Kris NI
Design TeamJune YU, Francesco SACCONI, Rick BLANKESTIJN, Zi LIANG
ClientXi'An Vanke

The Yunnan Vanke ManJiang Mixed Use project sits on the prominent corner of Airport Road in the Manjiang area.The overall planning approach focuses on embracing harmoniously the surrounding landscape, at pedestrian level the commercial podium of interconnected “terraced hills” is constantly opening up visual relationships towards the lake thus enhancing the visitors experience; at higher level, from the inner part of the site are a set of 3 mid-rise towers offering ad astonishing 360 degrees views, and form intentionally a symbolic “Gate” becoming a new landmark for the city.