[LANDPROCESS - Thammasat Urban Farm Rooftop - COVER IMG] Credit: LANDPROCESS

Thammasat Urban Farm Rooftop

Firm LocationBangkok, Thailand
Project locationGreater Bangkok, Thailand
Lead ArchitectKotchakorn Voraakhom - Landscape Architect
ClientThammasat University

As the largest urban rooftop farm in Asia, this 22,000 sq. m green roof is designed to tackle climate impacts, urban heat island and reduce risk in urban flood and drought. This integrative solution at Thammasat, equipped with a solar roof, urban farm, on-site water management, and public spaces, demonstrates how wasted concrete rooftops around the city can contribute more solutions by incorporating modern architecture with a rice terrace landscape. While heavy rain contributes to more risk of urban flood, the cascaded roof can slow down runoff, generate energy and grow food for the campus.