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Ellinikon Experience Park

PrizeHonorable Mention in Landscape Architecture / Public Landscape
Firm LocationAthens,
Companydoxiadis+ Architects - Landscape Architects
Lead ArchitectThomas Doxiadis
Design TeamLead Architect: doxiadis+ , Structural and MEP – Deta Consulting Engineers, Lighting – doxiadis+ & Foss, Fountain – Fontana Fountains, Playground – Kompan Greece, Gym Equipment – My equilibria in collaboration with Elite areas, Urban Furniture and Equipment - Escofet Opening Event Yard Athens, PMC – Hill International
ClientLamda Development

The Experience Park -the first built segment of the Ellinikon project, the largest Urban Regeneration project in Europe- hosts in its total 75.000m2 more than 500 trees and 50.000 plants, 4 squares and 4 discrete green areas. The project highlights Reduce-Reuse-Recycle principle through preservation and reinterpretation. The notion of Symbiosis is to satisfy the needs of humans and nature for both to live in equilibrium. It offers a new paradigm of public spaces which represents Sustainability. The past of the site is celebrated, preserved and reintroduced through the lens of a new identity.