Suzhou Zhongnan Center

Firm LocationShanghai, China
Lead ArchitectHasan Syed
Design TeamXiaomei Lee, Jennifer Liu, Hasan Syed, Susie Zhang, Raymon Chen, Peter Cho, Ethan Zhang, Zhipeng Sun, Xiangtao Chen, Lansen Chen, Lei Liu, Jared Davis, Hang Nie, Itthi Poldeenana, Xin Yan, Tracy Wang
ClientZhongnan Group

Suzhou Zhongnan Center is designed to become the tallest and most advanced supertall building along the Jinji Lake skyline in Suzhou, consisting of high-end apartments, a boutique hotel, prime offices, observation deck, and amenities. The Suzhou Zhongnan Center provides a platform for understanding how our priorities for the future of tall buildings are shifting to reconnect with the urban fabric, emphasize social connections, and create vertical communities. This type of design approach requires new levels of focus, as well as progressive thinking to achieve this vision.