[S&Y Atelier (SEU ARCH) - Pagoda Courtyard along the Grand Canal - COVER IMG] XU Haohao, S&Y Atelier (SEU ARCH)

Pagoda Courtyard along the Grand Canal

PrizeHonorable Mention in Landscape Architecture / Gardens
Firm LocationNanjing City, China
Project locationHuai’an City, Jiangsu Province, China
CompanyS&Y Atelier (SEU ARCH)
Lead ArchitectSHEN Yang, YU Haiyang
Design TeamLANG Yecheng, XIE Bing, JIA Tingli, XU Chunning, LU Qin
ClientThe People’s Government of Huai’an City

This project is a reconstruction of a courtyard for Ciyun Monastery Guoshi Pagoda along the Jing-Hang Grand Canal (Huai’an Section), a UNESCO World Heritage site. The pagoda is an important landmark along the canal, both of them have multi-faceted relations of water supply, cultural atmosphere, and society, therefore, the design team decided to introduce the courtyard to divide the irregular plot and form an open urban space that faces the canal and wharf, transformed the character of the site from a pagoda belonging to the monastery to one belonging to the people.