QST House

Firm LocationPorto, Portugal
Project locationVila Nova de Famalicão, Braga, Portugal
Lead ArchitectJose Carlos Nunes Oliveira
Design TeamInternal collaborators: André De Oliveira, Joana LP, Luís Lima. | Structural project: eng. Marco Cunha | Hydraulic project: eng. Marco Cunha | Electricity, telecommunications and security: eng. Marco Cunha | Gas and hvac project: eng. Rui Lima; eng. Gonçalo Leal.

The house rises from big blocks of blue granite in a promontory, like a fortification, indistinct from the supporting walls in the border of the street. It backs up the old farmland, now transformed into a garden. The silhouette opens timid windows on the upper floor. At the street level, a sequence of cattle crevices illuminates the current kitchen. The building stretches itself to the blood-red-colored gate, pointing to the barn emerging from the street wall. Above the entrance, facing the east, we suspended a wooden room, painted in the same color as the gate. We cleaned up the picturesque.