[XJTLU Design Research Center - Pink Island - COVER IMG] Yu Cheong-o

Pink Island

PrizeHonorable Mention in Landscape Architecture / Gardens
Firm Location, Spain
CompanyXJTLU Design Research Center
Lead ArchitectTeo Hidalgo Nacher + David Vardy
Design Team Woosik Jung, Leilin Feng, Qixuan Hu, Jiawen Fen, Bryan Yan Chut Hang

Pink Island proposes a small ecosystem where people, trees, plants, insects and constructions coexist. This garden aims to provide an attractive space for people and insects recognising our entanglement with non-human life forms and the need to provide inclusive and complex areas in the city. The vegetation is organised in three areas based on the flowering period of the different local species to guarantee the presence of pollinators throughout the year. The proposal uses cork as the primary construction material due to its low carbon footprint and regenerative properties.